is a powerful, modular system for BSPM-analysis
(BSPM: Body Surface Potential Map).


By means of new interpolation techniques and realistic three-dimensional torso models, ECG-data are visualized in a unique and vivid way.
CARDIOSCAPE-Surface has real-time capabilities: it displays the electric potentials on the surface of the torso immediately as they are being acquired.
The extensive and flexible off- and online-analysis allows a detailed examination of the acquired data.




real-time online-mapping
realistic torso models
2D- or 3D-visualization
simultaneous display of ECG-curves
display of ECG-curves from arbitrary positions (virtual electrodes)
flexible and detailed offline-analysis
export of images and animations
powerful data processing through adjustable data flow objects
various optional software components

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Mai 2003: CARDIOSCAPE won bw:con award

November 2002:
Software Release: CARDIOSCAPE-Surface 1.4

Juli 2002: BMWI supports CARDIOSCAPE
Mai 2002: ANTEA in DMEuro