Mai 2003:

ANTEA wins CyberOne award

The ANTEA team was awarded with the CyberOne award in a ceremonial act in the L-Bank in Stuttgart. The award was presented to ANTEA by Minister President Erwin Teufel, patron of the CyberOne. ANTEA was awarded fot its innovative product idea CARDIOSCAPE-Vista and the marketing concept behind it.

More than 350 companies and celebreties from Baden-Württemberg have got together into Europe's biggest economy initiative bwcon. Its goal is to promote the region of southern germany with progresses in the internet and IT usage. Among networking of economy and politics the promotion of product ideas by young and innovative companies are main intentions of the bwcon initiative.

November 2002:


ANTEA releases CARDIOSCAPE-Surface version 1.4.
The improvements are among other things:

Easy to handle user interface
The measured data can be splitted individually
Common correction
Improved file and film export

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July 2002:
ANTEA achieves small-scale business promotion of the BMWA

ANTEA GmbH Karlsruhe is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour for das research project CARDIOSCAPE-Vista. The innovative product concept will be funded by the programm ProINNO of the BMWAI.

Mai 2002:
ANTEA top story

ANTEA Medizintechnik und Informationstechnik GmbH Karlsruhe is featured in the latest issue of DMEuro magazine as top story.

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Mai 2003: CARDIOSCAPE won bw:con award

November 2002:
Software Release: CARDIOSCAPE-Surface 1.4

Juli 2002: BMWI supports CARDIOSCAPE
Mai 2002: ANTEA in DMEuro