Cardioscape-Trainer shows the propagation of cardiac excitation in a realistic three-dimensional computational heart model, thus achieving a degree of vividness never seen before.


  • Simulation of the cardiac excitation process
  • Interactive stimulation
  • Interactive Ablation simulation


is available in three different versions



CARDIOSCAPE-Trainer basic displays the cardiac excitation process in a realistic three-dimensional heart model with a clearness that hasn't been seen before.
The Viewer is able to rotate, to cut, to blend and blend out the anatomical parts of the heart. He has the choice inbetween the physiological excitation pattern and pathological excitation pattern, e.g several kinds of tachycardia, bradycarda and infarction. The programm gives you furthermore detailed information on every excitation pattern and comes with an extensive glossary of all technical terms used.



CARDIOSCAPE-Trainer stimulation gives you in addition the possibility to interact with the excitation pattern through stimulation.



CARDIOSCAPE-Trainer ablation has, in addition to the stimulation mode, the capability to interact with the pathological excitation patterns through realistic ablation. The user is able to interact with the excitation process as he would use a surgical instrument: you can see and control the strength and temperture of the ablation process.

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 CARDIOSCAPE-Trainer stim

 CARDIOSCAPE-Trainer ablation

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