CARDIOSCAPE-Vista is a powerful, modular system for the visualisation of the potentials on the hearts surface based upon non-invasive measurements.







CARDIOSCAPE-Vista is a mapping system for the visualisation of the electrophysiology of the heart. The methods used with CARDIOSCAPE-Vista are based on the potentials measured solely on the surface of the patient and therefore this method is completely non-invasive.

Usually heart diagnosis is based on the interpretation of curve progressions. This interpretation is mainly based on the knowledge of the physician.

The innovative approach of CARDIOSCAPE-Vista is to take a look on the sources where the ECG signals originate in. With the help of numerical methods the origin of the measured signals is calculated and presented in a three-dimensional electrophysiogical map of the patients heart.

CARDIOSCAPE-Vista allows you take a look at an electrical picture of the heart excitation without the need of invasive procedures e.g. katheters.

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Activation Map of a healthy patient

Activation Map of an infarction

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